Monday, November 08, 2004

antiwar: I just wanted to share some pictures from saturday

antiwar: I just wanted to share some pictures fro: "I just wanted to share some pictures from over the weekend here in Southern CA.

About 1,500 people met at Hollywood and Highland and marched to the recruiting station at Sunset and LaBrea to protest the occupation of Iraq and the stolen election.

About 500 people entered the parking lot of the Army recruiting center in a mini-mall at LaBrea and Sunset. There, we chanted and denounced the feeding of the Iraq murder machine with the bodies of the U.S. poor. Police seemed somewhat unprepared but recovered after about 15 minutes and inserted themselves between the protestors and the recruiting center. After reinforcements arrived, they announced that we were engaged in an unlawful assembly and would be arrested if we did not clear the parking area. They then proceeded to sweep across the lot, driving everyone out the LaBrea exit and into the main mass of demonstrators.

So, Kerry is a coward after all, but we're still here, and we're still working to end this war. "

LA IndyMedia


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