Saturday, October 16, 2004

E! Online News - Moore's "9/11" Not In Demand

E! Online News - Moore's "9/11" Not In Demand: "Michael Moore's probably reaching his boiling point about now.
The nation's leading cable pay-per-view company, iN DEMAND, announced Friday it is nixing plans to air Moore's controversial doc Fahrenheit 9/11 on Nov. 1, the night before the presidential election.

An iN DEMAND spokesperson said in a statement, "We regret that our decision has led Michael Moore to consider legal action against us."

It is not clear exactly what legal action Moore plans to take. But the company's actions have apparently angered Moore, who hastily arranged a press conference after his Tonight Show with Jay Leno taping Friday.

Moore told the Associated Press late Friday he believes iN DEMAND decided not to air the film because of pressure from "top Republican people."

"Apparently people have put pressure on them and they've broken a contract," Moore said. "We've informed them of their legal responsibility and we all informed them that every corporate executive that has attempted to prohibit Americans from seeing this film has failed," the filmaker continued. "There's been one struggle or another over this, but we've always come out on top because you can't tell Americans they can't watch this.""


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