Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Moore to speak at Dickinson

Moore to speak at Dickinson: "With Moore's Oct. 6 visit, and Bush's appearances at Village Park last night and at the Army War College in May, Carlisle is doing its share to build Pennsylvania's status as a battleground in the presidential race.
Moore's visit is sure to draw a crowd.

'There is a healthy anti-Bush presence here at Dickinson,' said sophomore Peter Doidge, treasurer for the College Democrats.
But Dickinson's invitation to Moore isn't a sign of partisanship, said Christine Dugan, college spokeswoman. The college is hosting conservative National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg, who will speak Oct. 27.

Alex Stout, a sophomore and College Democrats president, said Moore's approach may rankle, but he raises valid questions about the Bush administration.
'He probably distorted the facts ... but I do think he had a lot of good points. It's really important that the college ... bring radical viewpoints and let students make their own decisions,' he said.

"Not for a minute do I think it was a fair and balanced documentary," said Wayne Winters, a Carlisle High School government teacher. "[But] I enjoyed it in my anybody-but-Bush mode that I'm operating under at this point."

Winters said the movie was loaded with propaganda, but it carried a powerful anti-war message and showed "the human face of the tragic loss of life."

The documentary's more dubious points may amount to simple barb-throwing, but its harm is relative, Winters said.

"It was distortion of facts that led to the war in Iraq and Michael Moore's movie is not killing anyone," he said."



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