Tuesday, August 31, 2004

RNC Blog: Singing Republican Babe Alert

Singing Republican Babe Alert: "Folks, don't forget to watch for Daize Shayne, who's singing tonight at the RNC right before Governator Ahnuld pumps up da croooooooowd. Babe alert, Kevin."

Blog Comment: Daize was terrible on Hannity and Coombs tonight. It was embarrassing that she didn't endorse President Bush. I went to her web page, she can't sing either. I can't believe no one asked her if she even endorsed Bush. She sounded so uneducated. She obviously has spent alot of time at the beach versus reading the newspapers & books. Her political savvy was "nil."

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At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, first of all that isn't an accredited RNC blog. The guy wasn't in New York, and posted twice on the "singing babe" out of roughly 150 posts on politics. I think you're cherry-picking.


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