Thursday, September 02, 2004

Michael : Links : A Voice For Choice--a new documentary

Michael : Links: "Wax Bush, Vote 2004!"

So say the makers of a new documentary, currently titled “A Voice for Choice.” Emblazoned on tee-shirts and for sale at the filmmakers’ website,, the WAX BUSH phenomenon has exploded across the country. The filmmakers have sold about 4,000 “WAX BUSH, Vote 2004” tee shirts across the country since early April. And the cool thing is, that all the proceeds have and will continue to fund the documentary film.

While the popularity of Wax Bush Vote 2004 tees points to a sudden national interest in weeding out our government garden, the political waxing and eradication of George W. Bush is resolutely echoed in the millions of voices that stormed the streets in the historic March for Women’s Lives on April 25th. In the largest march on the Capitol in U.S. history, millions of participants from across the nation came to protest Bush’s attacks on women’s reproductive freedoms. Capturing this momentous march and its inspired Wax Bush sentiments is the documentary “A Voice for Choice” by filmmakers, Andrea Buchanan, Denise Plumb, and Sean Cooley.

The documentary travels five different roads to the Washington march, following the diverse and personal stories of a group of young feminist activists from California, an NAACP organized bus from Atlanta, a group of grandmothers and granddaughters from Texas, Catholics, Jews and Muslims sharing a train from New York, and liberal political talk show hosts and Air America Radio employees from NYC. The film also interviews leading politicians, activists and artists who are fighting for a woman’s right to control her reproductive agenda. They include, to name a few, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D), Rep. Jim Greenwood (R), Gloria Steinem, Governor Ann Richards (D), Sheryl Crow, Bill Maher, and the Executive Directors of Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, NOW, The Feminist Majority, The Republican Pro-Choice Coalition, Catholics for a Free Choice and the A.C.L.U."


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