Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 - A Review By Ross Anthony

Fahrenheit 9/11: "Michael Moore is ornery. I'd read a few pages of one of his books a few years back; I liked the satire at first and his introduction to one of perhaps many 'other sides' of the story. 'The story' being the usual bite-size nightly news type tellings of political events. But frankly his whining style of writing got on my nerves and I could not finish that book. Then I saw 'Columbine.' Even though his style at times deviated sharply from what I consider to be honorable, the film was undeniably amusing, entertaining and worthwhile. His cantankerous method of shaking loose information seemingly 'by any means possible' at times brought to surface some gems, but I still thought he didn't play fair as the guy with the camera and microphone.

He claims that all his factoids are indeed, factual. I do not know if they are. Nor do I know that the factoids I get from my government or local news are real. So I greatly appreciate the bravery of Moore to bring his particular set of facts to the public. Personally, I could do without all his snaring smart*ss voiceovers. It is not fair documentary filmmaking to suggest or guess what the subject of your film might be thinking. And further, to purposely mock them. That's certainly not fair. Some reviewers refuse to call this a documentary. I can see why they feel that way; on the other hand, this is actual footage of actual people with actual firsthand experience -- so it wouldn't be correct to say this is not a documentary. It's just that Moore isn't very concerned about being ethical in his documentary making. Ironically, it's probably that abhorrent manner that's garnished him such popularity; unfortunately, it'll be that attitude that will devalue the impact of the truths he's attempting to deliver."

By Ross Anthony


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