Tuesday, September 07, 2004

firstamendmentcenter.org: Wisconsin city's payment to end dispute over anti-Bush sign

firstamendmentcenter.org: news: "MADISON, Wis. - A payment of more than $12,000 will end a civil claim filed on behalf of a man who held a controversial sign as a presidential motorcade passed through Platteville in May, his attorney says.
Andrea Baker said that city will pay $12,086.45 through its insurer to end the federal free-speech violation claim filed on behalf of Frank Van den Bosch of Montfort.
The stipulation that led to the dismissal is a release of all claims of liability, she said.
A $243 disorderly conduct citation against Van den Bosch was dismissed earlier.
Van den Bosch was holding a sign reading 'F U G W' before the motorcade carrying President Bush arrived, and was told by police he could not display it. He then added small letters that changed the sign to say 'Free Us G W' and held it up as Bush's went through Platteville."

By The Associated Press


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