Sunday, September 05, 2004

Democracy Now! | Crashing the Party: Famed Indian Writer Arundhati Roy Goes Inside the RNC

Democracy Now!: "ARUNDHATI ROY: I actually don't know what to say, because it's like being in a cult place where there's some kind of chanting which veering between chilling and calming. I'm confused which it was, but I’m sure it was actually chilling to be in a place which is where the richest and the most powerful people in the world meet to plot the next war to plan the next bombing and war. They look like everybody else, you know? It's not exactly like -- it's hard to believe even the psychology of how so many people can cheer while the same lies are being reiterated.

AMY GOODMAN: What do you watch?

BILLY JACK HARLOW: I watch FOX News. I don't know what you watch. I watch MSNBC; I watch Joe Scarborough and Chris Matthews sometimes, but mostly FOX. That's about all of the TV that I can stand. Just a little bit of the news.

AMY GOODMAN: Do you think it was a good idea to invade Iraq?

BILLY JACK HARLOW: As far as Bill Jack Harlow is concerned, I think the whole world is better off because we invaded Iraq.

AMY GOODMAN: Last question, have you seen Farenheight 9/11?

BILLY JACK HARLOW: Not gonna see it. I have no intention of seeing it. I think Michael Moore is despicable. He is a disgrace to Americanism completely. Only because -- not because of who he is or anything, but he represents that movie, and I have seen bits and cuts on the TV, -- but because he represents it as truth, and it's so far from the truth. I saw him on Bill O'Reilly talking -- asking bill if he would send his sons. Would you send your sons? He's an idiot.

ARUNDHATI ROY: You know, the man says that he only watches FOX News. That explains everything, doesn't it? I mean, you really come to the heart of jingoism and then you understand why these things can only be resolved through war in a way, or they try to resolve them through war, because it's so terrifying to see the product of lies, of the media's lies, the American media's lies. You almost feel -- you cannot even get angry or dislike him, because you just -- you see him as a victim of propaganda. Sort of the most foolish kind, but so powerful, so rich, so deadly. You can hardly even engage in an argument because it's not -- he didn't want to see Farenheight 9/11. He's not curious about it. It's not that he's open to looking at something and changing. He didn't want to see it.

AMY GOODMAN: When you walked in to the big arena, what were your thoughts? "


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