Saturday, September 04, 2004

MoveOn PAC: New TV Ad - RICHARD LINKLATER's "A Real West Texan"

MoveOn PAC: "'When I was asked by MoveOn PAC to join this campaign, I jumped at the opportunity... My ad features Richard, a native Texan from the same part of my home state as GW Bush. To me, Richard represents a lot of traditional, caring folks in this country who feel that the Bush administration has pulled off a great bait and switch: promising 'compassionate conservatism' while undermining the lives of working people everywhere.'
-- Richard Linklater "

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Every Friday between now and the election MoveOn PAC will be posting a new advertisement by a well-known director... plus a new Jimmy the Cab Driver spot!

You can always view the featured ad of the week on the page, but to access the archives, high-res versions of the ad, pictures from the 10 Weeks concert event and other special features, you must be a MoveOn member.

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