Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Dar Al Hayat: 9/11 Opens in Tehran

Dar Al Hayat: "9/11 is the first American film to be screened in the Islamic Republic for over two decades, due to an undeclared ban of the U.S. film industry's productions in Iran.
An official from The Farabi Cinema Foundation (FCF), the exclusive importer of movies for theatrical and video release in Iran said, 'we bought the screening rights of the movie, which started playing last Monday (September 13), and will be initially released in two movie theatres in Tehran only.'

Since Monday, the two movie theatres showing Moore's film have been packed with a sold-out crowd, as the documentary is not only the first American film production to be released in Iran since the 1980's, but is also one of the rarest, if not the only, foreign artistic production not to be cut by Iranian censorship authorities."


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