Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Berkeley Daily Planet: Untold Stories from the Republican Convention: By CHRISTOPHER KROHN

Berkeley Daily Planet: "NEW YORK- There are many stories to tell at this convention. The known storylines inside Madison Square Garden are familiar Republican themes that are repeated over and over: the recycled compassionate conservatism, John Kerrys misrepresenting his war record, the war on terror, George Bush is the only candidate who can protect you, and of course, Bush will cut your taxes even more.
The recognizable mainstream news storylines from outside the convention are about ever-tighting security around the Garden, the large Sunday afternoon half-million strong anti-Bush protest through Manhattan, and customer-starved small businesses in and around what has become known as the convention's Green Zone. But, there have been perhaps, a dozen or so stories that are either being covered inadequately or not at all.
The under-reported stories of Republican National Convention 2004 occurring on the inside include the numerous demonstrators - up to 30 in all - who have broken through the intense Madison Square Garden security lines and gotten onto the convention floor to make protest statements, the relentless pursuit of the Missouri delegation by members of ACT-UP and other activists, the now infamous and short-lived Band-Aid over a purple heart stickers representing John Kerry's not really earned medals that were passed out and worn by an estimated 250 Republican delegates, and finally the glaring absence of any fresh Bush "read Republican" ideas on really moving the country forward.
Outside the Garden the untold narratives are legion. First, the ubiquitous, forceful, costly and massive presence of police in the New York City streets surrounding the convention site may be seen, when history is written, more as an occupying force that had to kill some democracy in order to save the Republican convention.


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