Monday, August 02, 2004

Who's with Michael Moore?: Blogging for Michael Moore Comments/Feedback

Who's with Michael Moore?: Blogging for Michael Moore FeedbackHi,Great idea for a blog. I also saw the Sydney preview on Monday evening. I have to say F911 is an necessary work of cinema for these current times. When the media has failed the society it claims to serve for the aims of manufacturing a justification for an on going illegal occupation, F911 and documentaries like it are necessary and welcome. For me there were some difficult scenes contrasted by scenes of the unbelievable. I believe this editing is justifiable in that they aim to highlight the impact of the ludicrous attempts of the media spin machine. Lets just say I will never look at Brittany Spears in the same way again.

I have to say one of the best reviews I have read on Moore's film is by the World Socialst Web Site. I say this as I feel one of the important messages Moore makes is the war the ruling elite are waging on the working classes in fighting this war on the Iraqi working class for the spoils of war in the form of oil and development contracts (you only have to discover the recent missing billions and the desire of the US govenment not to "meter" the oil production to realise that while this war goes on, it hides the real desire of this illegal provocation by the American ruling class. I don't have the link at present as the site is down it appears but go to I would be interested to know if anyone else has read reviews like this that have assessed its content and its contribution to society. Thanks.

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Note: Very active online discussion down under.


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