Sunday, August 01, 2004

Blogging for Michael Moore

Blogging for Michael Moore: "Given this groundswell, I decided to set up a Michael Moore "blog" in order to tap into and showcase the partisan sentiment the film had reactivated. A blog is a web journal where you can upload a succession of posts to the internet, archived in chronological order. It also allows visitors to comment on your postings.

Blogs can be very interactive.

Within a day of establishing the site it was clear that neither I nor Michael Moore were the stars of my new forum.

The many postings from visitors took up a range of issues that kept coming back to core aspect of anger against the continuing duplicity of both George Bush and John Howard. So in a way, peoples genuine response to the film has sharpened the process of overcoming some of the demoralisation that set in when the invasion proceeded despite huge opposition to Australia's involvement in it.

As Moore himself told an interviewer at the Hollywood premiere of Fahrenheit 9/11, from the large amount of correspondance he was receiving from here "there are a lot of angry people in Australia". "

By Dave Riley
The Socialist Alliance


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