Sunday, August 01, 2004

Naples Daily News: Bill O'Reilly: Moore sense please

Naples Daily News: Columnists: "BOSTON - Well, I finally tracked down Michael Moore. I saw him walking in the street outside the Democratic Convention Center and pounced on him like the paparazzi on J.Lo. Moore had been dodging me because his movie was becoming increasingly indefensible by something called 'facts.' But, to his credit, Moore took up my street challenge and agreed to appear on 'The Factor.'

We debated for 10 (12) minutes, and Moore put forth the following:

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So, hey, Michael Moore, this Bud's for you. Thanks for showing up and debating. Now we know the under-pinnings of your world outlook.

What is still astounding to me is how many people continue to embrace the fantasies and deceptions of Michael Moore. Some people actually applauded him at the Democratic Convention, but the heavyweights stayed away."

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