Sunday, August 29, 2004

'Passion' DVD expected to be huge seller

'Passion' DVD expected to be huge seller: "This time around, Mel Gibson will just sit back and let the dough roll in.

Five months after the Easter release of the director's surprise blockbuster 'The Passion of the Christ,' which has so far grossed $370 million in America, Twentieth Century Fox is busy marketing the DVD version (MSRP: $29.98). It includes an enhanced picture and soundtrack, but no extras.

Gibson, though, won't be hosting screenings and talking with flocks of faithful, as he did before the cinematic release. He doesn't have to. The buzz is that strong. (Release Date: Tuesday August, 31st)

Churches offered discs in bulk

Fox has mailed more than a quarter-million postcards informing churches, which played a big role in the film's initial success by purchasing millions of tickets, how to buy copies in bulk online.

With their help, DVD sales could skyrocket. To date, orders have surpassed projections by 20 percent."

At Palos Heights-based Life Church in Chicagoland, pastor Freddie Steel is encouraging his congregation to watch the DVD, but has stopped short of buying it in bulk or taking orders. Congregants, he said, are talking of buying extra copies to give as gifts. "The idea is to make it an investment," he said. "Not just for us to buy an individual copy for our own pleasure, but to make it an investment in someone's spiritual journey."

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