Saturday, August 28, 2004 - Get Rid of Your Bush CD - Get Rid of Your Bush: "'Get Rid of Your Bush' is humorous and intelligent hip-hop, thumpin' with sharp wit and head-bobbin' grooves. It's a big helping of political satire with more than one sprinkling of references to 'the hair down 'dere' all served up hot and steamy on a big ol' plate of funky beats.

Druu, a Southern California songwriter who has written for Grammy nominated recording artists, couldn't help but step in front of the mic to spit out some pointed political satire and sexy humor after enduring one too many manipulations and missteps from the brainiac who's been living in the White House for the past three years.

Starting with the thought that the man is named after a patch of pubic hair, "Get Rid of Your Bush" combines chunky beats, fistfuls of satire and opinion and a few little pubic references to create a hip-hop anthem for political change during the 2004 election season that is both fun and a call to action.

Included on the CD are the original single,the darker Weapons of Mass Destruction Remix and as a bonus, instrumental versions of both tracks for all you DJ's and MC's and anyone else who might want to shake their butt to the instrumental tracks. This is anti-Bush music all the way!"

CD Baby On Sale Now ($6.99)


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