Wednesday, August 18, 2004 Outfoxed - Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism is Number 1

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Until recently, I thought of Fox only as the network that carried "The Simpsons." Except on Election Night, I never watch television news for primary sources of information. As it happens, in the wee hours of Election Night 2000, all of the networks except Fox said the race was too close to call--until George W. Bush's first cousin John Ellis, who works for Fox, called the race for Bush. The rest of the networks obediently followed the leader.

This story, and much more, are highlighted in "Outfoxed." The heroic task of watching Fox both live and taped, 24/7, over a period of months, and discerning the network's primary ways of slanting the news, was undertaken by a heroic crew of filmmakers and volunteers. A large number of contemporary media critics and former Fox employees voice their opinions. Even the unflappable Walter Cronkite says he's never seen the news slanted the way Fox does.

The fact that the network does not rebut the argument during this film is irrelevant. Fox is on all the time, to basic cable subscribers across the country. These filmmakers have some 75 minutes to make their argument, and they do so most convincingly: that Fox does not "report" the news as journalists traditionally have done, that they package GOP talking points in red-white-and-blue bunting, and that what few "opposing viewpoints" they do invite on air are cut off, muffled, or reviled.

It is marvelous that new technology allows people who care to get their hands on films like "Outfoxed" without waiting to find out whether their local network, radio station, or movie theater is brave enough to show something controversial.

A frightening look at a pervasive source of disinformation Reviewer: L Goodman-Malamuth "Leslie Goodman-Malamuth" (Washington, D.C.)

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