Wednesday, August 18, 2004

4 New Ad Campaigns, $5 Million Against Bush

MoveOnPAC is rolling out a series of campaign activities on the ground and over the airwaves during the next several weeks to get Americans to the polls to defeat President Bush in November.

Here’s a summary of MoveOn PAC’s current & future efforts:

Ø “Leave No Voter Behind”: MoveOn PAC launched a $5 million campaign to advance person-to-person voter contact by friends and neighbors. By October, the PAC plans to have 500 paid organizers and 30,000 volunteers going door-to-door in support of John Kerry in 10,000 neighborhoods in battleground states. The goal is to turn out 440,000 new voters for John Kerry.

Ø “Swift Reponse”Ads Calling on Bush to Denounce Ads Attacking Kerry’s Service Record: Starting this week, MoveOn PAC will air ads featuring Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) calling on Bush to denounce the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” ads which feature bizarre testimony from veterans asserting that Kerry’s military honors were undeserved.

Ø Re-launch of Bush & Kerry Military Ad Campaign: MoveOn PAC announced today it will resume airing a television ad that contrasts John Kerry’s heroic Vietnam war record with the President’s military service history. The move aims to refocus attention on two related issues: the President’s continued refusal to keep his promise, made on Meet the Press, to release all documents concerning his stateside military service during the Vietnam War; and the President’s continued refusal to ask his political allies to cease their smear campaign against John Kerry's Vietnam combat record.

Ø “Real People” Ads by Errol Morris: During the Republican convention, MoveOn PAC will air TV ads produced by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Errol Morris. The 30-second spots feature people who voted for George W. Bush in 2000, but plan to vote for John Kerry this year. Last month MoveOnPAC sent out a casting call to members asking them to share their stories for the ad campaign. Hundreds responded and last week, 100,000 MoveOn members participated in rating the ads. They represent a shift in political advertising — simple commentary from “real people,” not the usual Washington, D.C., campaign rhetoric. The winning ad features U.S. Marine veteran, Sergeant Lee Buttrill.

Ø MoveOn PAC's “10 Weeks” Celebrity Ad Campaign Kick-Off on Eve of Republican Convention
**Betas of the new ads will only be given out at the event in NYC on the 24th. **
On Aug. 24, MoveOn PAC will unveil a new round of TV ads created by notable American film and entertainment directors in collaboration with popular actors, writers and musicians - Matt Damon (Photo), Kevin Bacon, Scarlett Johanssen, Martin Sheen, Allison Anders (Director of the 1992 film Gas Food Lodging), Benny Boom (who directs top hip-hop video stars like P. Diddy and Mary J. Bilge), Rob Reiner (Director of When Harry Met Sally), Rick Linklater (Director of School of Rock), Doug Limon (Director of The Bourne Identity) and actors Woody Harrelson, and Rebecca Romijn. The unveiling of the ads will take place at the Hammerstein Ballroom at 8:00 p.m. in Manhattan. Musical guests include The Roots, Moby and Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction.

Ads include:

  • The Mistake, directed by Rob Reiner, featuring the voice of Rob Reiner
  • Tommy, written and directed by Richard Linklater
  • Who Profits? directed by Wildbrain Animation, featuring the voices of Scarlett Johanssen, Kevin Bacon, & Ed Asner
  • The Air We Breathe, written and directed by Bush in 30 seconds winner Charlie Fisher, featuring music by moby
  • Stranded Republicans, written by Larry Kopald and John Buffalo Mailer, starring Rebecca Romijn, directed by Marty Callner
  • Cheney is Not on Our Side, written and directed by & starring Woody Harrelson
  • Register and Vote, written and directed by Benny Boom
  • American Opinions, written and directed by John Sayles featuring the voice of Martin Sheen
  • The Disappeared, written by Darren Aronofsky, directed by Doug Limon, voice over by Matt Damon
  • Love is Love, written by and starring Margaret Cho, directed by Lorene Machado
  • The Pie, written by Al Franken, directed by Allison Anders, starring Illeana Douglas & Ione Skye
  • Jimmy the Cab Driver: Tax Break?, starring Donal Logue as Jimmy the Cab Driver, directed by Jesse Perez


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