Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Guardian Unlimited Film | Interviews | Gary Younge interviews Michael Moore (October 4, 2003)

Guardian Unlimited Film: "In the US, a supposedly rightwing country, Michael Moore's fearless campaigning and coruscating criticism of 'that frat boy' Bush have aroused huge hostility but also rapturous fellow feeling. Gary Younge meets an engaging man, who is intent on mobilising America - and is extending the clarion call to us Brits, without whom, he believes, there would have been no war on Iraq.

During the commercial break in this year's Oscars, the floor director approached the nominees for best documentary to tell them that their category was up next. Until then, the issue of an acceptance speech had not entered Michael Moore's mind because he didn't think he had a chance of winning.
But this was no regular ceremony. Taking place just three days after the US launched its attack on Iraq, the red carpet had been abandoned, a number of actors had dropped out, saying they thought it would be 'inappropriate' to attend, and those who did show up dressed down for the event.
Moore's wife, Kathleen Glynn, the producer on his film Bowling For Columbine, whispered, 'Have you thought about what you are going to do?'
'No, because we're not going to win,' replied Moore. "

Gary Younge


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