Friday, July 09, 2004

Upsize This! : Michael Moore/Mike Wilson on the Daily Show/Comedy Central BackinBack - The Disney F911 Report (Videos)

Upsize This! : Michael Moore/Mike Wilson on the Daily Show: "Did anybody catch last night's episode of The Daily Show? The correspondent segment with Samantha Bee featured Mike Wilson, director of 'Michael Moore Hates America.'

The segment absolutely savaged Wilson, portraying him as an cocky, opportunistic idiot who was attempting to use Moore's methods to turn the tables on him, yet Wilson could not get anyone to give him the time of day, could not find his way through the city, and could not get to Michael Moore for an interview for his movie. He tried various ways, including directory assistance, which led him to a Mailboxes Etc. for the address of Dog Eat Dog Films. After he was very exasperated, Bee remembered that she had MM's phone number and simply gave him a call.

In a hilarious bit, Bee made the point that Michael Moore was notoriously camera shy, and as the camera followed her down the street, who was standing there in the background? Michael Moore. The segment ended with her and MM sipping champagne. Throughout the whole segment, he didn't say a word. "

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