Friday, July 09, 2004

Press Release: Thousands of Fahrenheit 911 Movie-Goers to Register Voters at Nearly 2,000 Phone Banking Parties this Weekend

"MoveOn PAC Call For Change Campaign Part of
Larger National Election Action Weekend

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Fresh from seeing Fahrenheit 911 and participating in a conference call with director Michael Moore, over 6,000 MoveOn PAC volunteers will hold 2,000 "Call for Change" phone parties this Sunday to urge unregistered voters to become more politically involved and encourage new voters to register before the November elections.

The "Call for Change" plan was announced at the Fahrenheit 911 house parties last Monday, and over 1,300 of this weekend's expected participants joined after seeing Michael Moore's documentary.

"Some people have questioned whether Fahrenheit 9/11 would have a discernable impact on the election," said Adam Ruben, Field Director of MoveOn PAC. "Now it's clear that this movie is prompting people to do the kind of on-the-ground organizing that can actually change the outcome in November."

MoveOn PAC's phone parties are part of a larger National Election Action Weekend in partnership with several other grassroots organizations. MoveOn PAC volunteers have already signed up to host 2,000 phone parties across America in closely contested states including North Carolina, the home state of Senator John Edwards, Democratic candidate for Vice President.

Ruben says the 'Call for Change" campaign is especially important because new voters could decide the national results.

“MoveOn members have already accomplished extraordinary things in this election cycle. We’ve registered thousands of voters and raised millions of dollars to air ads that tell the truth about the Bush Administration’s record,” said Ruben. “More and more voters are becoming engaged this year because the message is being reinforced that we need to replace this President. And, we’re going to continue to deliver that message, loud and clear.”

MoveOn PAC will provide a list of unregistered voters for volunteers to call, along with a script to explain the importance of voting. Volunteers will be able to print out voter registration forms and help people fill them out over the phone. Partially completed registration forms will be mailed to unregistered voters, who will then complete and send in the forms on their own.


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