Sunday, July 11, 2004

Movie elicits strong reaction from Indianans

Indiana Printing & Publishing Co.: "So what do Indianans think?
On its opening night Friday at the Indiana Theater on Philadelphia Street, both the 7 and 9:30 p.m. shows ended with audience applause. The clapping, however, doesn't necessarily mean moviegoers were happy after seeing Moore's cinematic entreaty to remove Bush from the White House.

Everyone reported liking the film, but movie watchers, many of them students and other members of academia, were either angered or saddened by what they saw.
They were incensed over the images Moore painted of the nation's political and business leaders lining their pockets thanks to the Iraq war.
'I have not felt this angry toward an administration ever,' said Indiana's Eric Blank. 'I wanted Clinton yanked from office, but I think Bush should go to jail.'

At the very least, it gave Indiana residents something to talk about. Crowds gathered on the sidewalk outside the theater after the 7 p.m. show to discuss Moore's polemics and stayed for more than a half-hour.

"I've never seen people stand outside for a half-hour/45 minutes after a movie to discuss it," said Larry Fabian of Indiana.

Indoor discussion groups broke out at Four Sisters Bed and Breakfast in the 1500 block and the Habashi House of International Foods in the 500 block of Philadelphia Street."

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