Saturday, December 11, 2004

Fallujah in Pictures: Iraq Blog Links

Fallujah in Pictures If you take the time to read the following blogs from Iraq, I think you will gain a better perspective on what is happening in there. These Iraqi bloggers aren't liberals or conservatives, at least not in our understanding of those terms. They are just people like you and I, except they are living in the middle of a war and under the occupation of our troops. One thing that seems clear is that they are not "terrorists" or insurgents or "foreign fighters".

This is the website of Faiza, an Iraqi mother of three boys who lives in Baghdad:

These are her son's websites:




This is one by an Iraqi dentist living in Baghdad:

This is one by a young woman who lives with her parents in Baghdad:

and here's a teenage girl living in Mosul:

and a man in Basra, in the south of Iraq:

A 16 year old (what we would call straight A) student in High School in Mosul:

and Alaa, a father in Baghdad:


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