Sunday, October 17, 2004

New York Daily News - Disney maxed out: Miramax's Weinsteins may be exiting

Disney maxed out: "The curtain's coming down on the Weinsteins- long-running partnership with Disney. Miramax brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein will more than likely exit the Mouse House where they have feuded bitterly with Disney boss Michael Eisner, sources said yesterday.
Disney has already informed the Weinsteins - the moguls behind hits like 'Chicago,' 'The English Patient' and 'Kill Bill' - that it will not renew their employment contract, reports said. Their current deal expires in Sept. 2005.
While the two sides are still talking and could possibly reach a new agreement, Hollywood is betting against it.
The Weinsteins are said to want to remain at Disney, which owns their highly valuable library of past releases. The show biz duo are lobbying Disney board members to keep them on board.
'Unless the board steps in, it's almost definite they will leave,' a source said."


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