Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Who do you believe: us, or Michael Moore?

Who do you believe: us, or Michael Moore?: "LOS ANGELES -- When it comes to assessing TV news coverage of the situation in Iraq, much of 'Fahrenheit 9/11' is Hindsight 20/20, according to NBC's Tom Brokaw.
Of greater concern to him and other top network newspeople, however, is the sense that some moviegoers consider Michael Moore's film more credible than their own reports.
'My complaint was not with the criticism. I don't complain about anything he has said. My concern is that this not be taken as journalism,' ABC 'Nightline' host Ted Koppel said Monday. 'It is journalism in the sense that an editorial in the Chicago Sun-Times is journalism, but that's opinion journalism. It's a different sort of thing.
'I worry that too many people are going to start taking that as gospel when indeed I know for a fact that there are things in that movie that a little bit of careful reporting could have corrected. But I don't think [Moore] was altogether interested in getting it straight down the middle. He was interested in making a political statement, and he did it very well."

Chicago Sun Times


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