Saturday, July 10, 2004

BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | Fahrenheit 9/11: Your reaction

BBC NEWS | Your reaction: "There is no way, no matter what you believe politically, to come out of this film and not want to be involved in the process. Whether you agree or disagree, this film should be a clarion call for participatory democracy. Wrest control away from the moneyed elites and put your money where your mouth is. I am glad that Moore has the guts to go up against both parties and expose the rampant stupidity and hypocrisy in today's government. Love it or hate it, all I ask is that you at least SEE IT before you make up your mind.
Ziad Daher, Khobar, Saudi Arabia

I have never really been a political person, never voted, never really concerned myself with all that...after the last election, the clear deceptive (to the American people and the world) goals of the Bush presidency, and this film, I am now going to vote and will be more concerned about who is leading this country.
Troy, Hatlfield, Pennsylvania"


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