Sunday, June 27, 2004

Oakland Tribune: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' does well among the choir

Oakland Tribune Online - Local & Regional News: ""This is a cultural event -- I wouldn't miss it," said Joe James of Oakland as advocates walked up and down the line, selling anti-Bush bumper stickers and handing out leaflets urging an end to the Republican president's reign.

Marvin and Miriam Zimm of Castro Valley shared that 'opinion.'

'It was good to see the truth. It was the exposure of a corrupt government,' the couple said.
Some people at the Bayfair screening weren't as enthusiastic. 'It was good. But it was basically a compilation of shows and information that I already knew,' said Paul Ray, 67.

Back at the Grand Lake in Oakland, business was brisk for Dan Ashby, an organizer for Bay Area Committee to Re-Beat Bush. He did a lot of business selling anti-Bush items -- $15 for a T-shirt to $2 for a button.
This is a movement that's growing, he said. 'We've got regular meetings each week here in Oakland and in Alameda and Berkeley and Santa Rosa.'"

By William Brand

Hmmm. Wonder why Mr. Brand did not mention the Grand Lake's marquee or rating policy regarding F911?


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