Sunday, June 27, 2004

LiveJournal: antiwar: Review: Farenheit 9/11

antiwar: Farenheit 9/11: "Today I saw Farenheit 9/11 and I thought that Mr. Moore did an excellent job. I am in the Marine Corps, but I get out (finally)on June 30th. I am 21 now and my views on politics, war, and violence have drastically changed since I signed up at the naive age of 17. The scenes that hit home for me were of the mother who lost her son and the opinions of the soldiers. Sadly, the majority of servicemen do act like the men who listened to heavy metal while slaughtering Iraqs, but unfortunatly that's what military training does to these young kids. However, most of views of the Marines I have served with range from 'just doing their duty' to 'what are we fighting for?' I am against this war, and after seeing this film it just makes me angry and sad that these young men and women of my generation are risking their lives for greed instead of the illusion of freedom they think they're fighting for. I've also been hearing of rumors of the draft. Does anyone know anything about this?"

by mrwindupbird


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