Sunday, June 27, 2004 Moore-ality plays? - the Edge: Moore-ality plays?: "But will ``Fahrenheit 9/11'' really change the world? Will it, as Moore hopes, boot Bush from the White House in November?

After seeing the movie, our panel of young voters tackled the question.

Jacob Faber, 22, just graduated from MIT. He voted for Al Gore in 2000, and plans to vote for John Kerry [related, bio] in November. ``Now I feel like I have to go out and join this effort that's trying to unseat this horrible person who stole the presidency from the person who actually won it. The movie will affect the election, I think, less because it's going to convert people and more because it's going to do to people what it did to me: Inspire people to do more.''

Laura Openshaw, 20, just finished her junior year at Harvard. She's a registered Republican who's committed to the anti-abortion cause but liberal on such issues as gay rights.

``It was very good propaganda. I wasn't persuaded. Going into a movie like this, you have to understand that you're seeing one side of the story, and I think it's kind of irresponsible for somebody to accept it without knowing all the information on the other side. War is a horrible thing, and I think Moore did a very good job of showing, through the images of Iraq, the people who were killed and injured, both Iraqis and U.S. soldiers. The connection he wanted to make is this particular war is awful and it shouldn't have happened. That link didn't happen.'' "

By Thea Singer


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