Tuesday, August 16, 2005

antiwar: WATCH VIDEOs: LJ ShannonKringen Interviews LJ David Rovics; Cindy Sheehan Song Performance

Last night, Shannon Kringen interviewed Singer/Songwriter David Rovics under a street light after his concert in Seattle, WA. The top-down lighting makes David appear that he is in the witness protection program. But, you can clearly hear what he had to say:


performance: song for cindy sheehan by david rovics
Seattle, WA August 15, 2005

To watch more songs performed at the Fremont Chocolate Factory last night, click here

NOTE: At the end of the month, David will be going to Crawford, Texas after he plays shows in Washington state, Maine, North Carolina and Tennessee. See schedule:


If you attend one of David's concert with a camcorder, please upload your video to YouTube.com, a new free video hosting community (100meg file size limit), with the tag: davidrovics


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