Friday, January 28, 2005 WebChat with Michael Moore - Transcript "Chat Ed : After Fahrenheit 9/11 had its UK premiere on Channel 4 this evening, the director, writer and producer Michael Moore joined us for an exclusive webchat. The chat happened an hour later than publicised due to forces at work in the US trying to silence Michael's opinions. Here’s what happened…

Michael Moore : Channel 4 innocently thought "Wouldn't it be nice if we had a film-maker do a webchat?" but unfortunately you don't live here.Certain Americans, when they learned of this webchat, did not see it as a webchat with a film-maker but as an interview with the devil himself. And they discussed throughout the week how and what they could do to stop it. So my apologies to the British audience who logged on Thursday night to have this chat (the only one I have agreed to this past year) only to be prohibited from having this discussion with me thanks to the lunatic Right Wing in the United States.

Listen to an audio clip of Michael's response here.

Jeremy Dumkrieger : Michael At what point did you say to yourself, I have to make Fahrenheit 9-11, I have to tell the American people the truth.

Michael Moore : It was probably on a drive back across the country the week after September 11th whilst listening to Talk radio and hearing peoples’ responses to it across the country and realising that Americans didn't quite understand how the world felt about us.

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