Friday, December 31, 2004

CBS News | Tsunami Aid Out Of Reach For Many : Multimedia Resources

CBS News | Tsunami Aid Out Of Reach For Many: Excerpts: "But with help streaming in, overstretched authorities were dealing with the logistical nightmare of getting it to the needy. Tons of supplies were backlogged in Indonesia, with thousands of boxes filled with drinking water, crackers, blankets and other basic necessities piled high in an airplane hangar nearly 300 miles from Banda Aceh, the wrecked main city in the disaster zone.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Thursday that nations had donated $500 million toward the relief effort, but more help was needed. Militaries from around the world geared up to help.

"Over the past few days it has registered deeply in the consciousness and conscience of the world as we seek to grasp the speed, the force and magnitude with which it happened. But we must also remain committed for the longer term," Annan said.

Longer term? What is the U.N. Secretary-General talking about?
If the tsunami victims don't receive aid immediately, there is no longer term from their point-of-view.

CBS News has a very comprehensive multimedia tsunami tragedy site.

The Internet makes it easier for people to reach out to disaster victims. From Google to, Web sites are providing links and payment methods, Sharyl Attkisson reports. (Video)


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