Friday, June 25, 2004

Howard Michael Moore is on Howard Stearn this morning at 8:30am (EST)

Howard "Robin took most of the staff to see '"Fahrenheit 9/11' yesterday. Everyone talked about how much they liked the movie except E! Director Scott DePace who said the movie was bullsh*t, leftist propaganda. DePace ended up arguing over various points of the movie with just about everyone in the studio. Scott didn't like how Michael Moore left out some facts, like when he showed some of the smaller countries in our 'Coalition of the Willing' but not big countries like Italy and Spain (FYI: Italy, while in the coalition, didn't send troops to the invasion of Iraq). He also didn't think the Bush familiy's close ties to the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal family was a big deal and he really hated how the movie played on our heart strings by showing victims of the war and soldiers who lost limbs in the fight. Scott also criticized Moore for claiming that President Bush authorized the flights on 9/11 that allowed Bin Laden's family to leave the US. According to Scott, it was Richard Clarke who authorized it. (FYI: click here to read the transcript to Clarke's testimony and you'll see it's pretty clear that the request did not come from Clarke but from someone above him and was approved by the FBI.) Michael Moore is coming on this morning (8:30am), so maybe we'll get to see how Scott holds up in an argument with him. "

Howard Stern's Blog
June 24, 2004


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