Wednesday, December 01, 2004


In France, President Bush’s re-election had been greeted with so much joy I didn’t think a message of congratulations on the F911 blog was really needed. No prominent politician of ours, even in the fascist parties, made more than half-hearted statements, and the only party to openly rejoice was Democratie Liberale, who defends the MEDEF’s agenda (that is, the French national union of CEOs). A poll revealed 82 % of the French would have voted for Kerry. A figure only outdone by the Germans, who rejected Bush by a massive 92 %.

On the other hand, die-hard pro-Moore/anti-Bush French channel Canal + (and affiliated PPV channels) released no less than three documentaries about Michael Moore around election time : an exclusive interview (“Bush de la” – “Move from here” with a pun), an analysis of the F911 phenomenon (“L’effet Moore”) and a report about Mr Moore’s part during the campaign (“Welcome to Amoorica”). The latter was rather rosy and hardly mirrored the actual nastiness of the campaign, but the two others were of high interest. Canal + has also just released the French version of “The Awful Truth” in DVD under the title “L’Amérique de Michael Moore” and will be broadcasting “Bowling For Columbine” by Christmas (F911, for obscure reasons, not being released until January). The message to Mr Bush is rather clear.

On the Internet, a Michael Moore Unofficial site saw the light of day in October and is looking for contributors (mainly for translations). It is still under construction and consists in news and translations of unreleased works by Mr Moore.

In spite of an undeniably colder welcome given by the critics to F911 compared to his other movies (it was blamed for not being artistic enough), the Palme d’Or enjoyed a public acclaim as hot as anywhere else, and, though no poll has confirmed it, Mr Moore seems to be the American figure who, to the French, stands the most significantly for America’s true values and democratic ideals. Which is a bit odd for a simple filmmaker – but is Mr Moore a simple filmmaker ?


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