Wednesday, September 22, 2004

UVSC Students Plan Protest of Michael Moore Speech

UVSC students are getting ready to rally against filmmaker Michael Moore's planned speech at the campus.

And this morning UVSC officials announced a major conservative speaker will also speak at the school.

Sam Penrod is live at UVSC with the latest.

Today's rally is really meant to protest the student council who voted to spend 40 thousand dollars in student fees to bring Michael Moore and his liberal views to UVSC.

And the same organizers of today's rally are continuing with a petition drive to try and remove the student leaders who booked Moore.

Of course the students are also opposed to Moore and his views, but there are also a lot of people here who support Michael Moore and plan on attending his speech.

Nearly four thousand tickets have already been sold, which student leaders say will help to recover a majority of the Moore's speaking fees and the costs of bringing him to campus.

Meanwhile at UVSC President's urging, the student council announced this morning that radio talk show host Sean Hannity will also come to campus to offer some political balance.

Hannity is scheduled to be here Monday October 11th, so it appears a live debate between Moore and Hannity is off, but Hannity will be here less than a month before the election.


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