Monday, September 13, 2004

State Appeals Nader Ruling, Puts Him Back On Ballot

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader was back on Florida's ballot Monday as a candidate for the Reform Party -- but his slot was shaky.

"It's quite a roller coaster ride," said Kevin Zeese, a Nader spokesman in Washington.

The state's top elections official directed local elections supervisors to include Nader's name after she appealed a court order to the contrary.

Although Circuit Judge Kevin Davey ordered Secretary of State Glenda Hood last week to remove Nader's name, her appeal Monday to the 1st District Court of Appeal suspended that order.

However, Davey has the power to reimpose his order and the state Democratic Party, which had challenged Nader's placement on the ballot, immediately asked him to hold an emergency hearing to do just that.

Most Democrats and many Republicans agree that Nader's presence on the 2000 ballot cost Gore the presidency.

Hood said her office was acting "as an honest broker" to protect Florida's elections process by including Nader. She said elections supervisors are "under the gun" because they have to mail absentee ballots by Saturday and first need to get them printed.

"We need to have this taken care of in an expeditious manner," she said.

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