Friday, September 17, 2004

The San Diego Channel : Michael Moore Threatens To Sue Local University

Moore Thinks University Officials Sending Wrong Message

Cal State San Marcos is the first university in the nation to dump Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore, and he plans to sue if administrators don't let him speak, it was reported Friday.

Should University Let Moore Speak?Do you agree with Cal State San Marcos' decision to cancel Michael Moore's university appearance?YesNo"If they don't do the right thing, follow through on the contract -- and we have a written contract and an oral one -- then we will take legal action," Moore said.

Moore said that university officials were sending the wrong message to students by revoking his invitation to speak Oct. 13, 10News reported.

The 7,500-student campus invited Moore last year, but the October wildfires prevented his visit. Last week, the university invited him back, and student leaders voted to pay for his visit, 10News reported.

Two days later, university President Karen Haynes announced she was calling it off because she did not want to spend state money on partisan politics.

Students and community members have since been raising private money to cover the $35,000 cost of the event.

Haynes said she could not have Moore at the campus before the election because there is not enough time to find a speaker to offer a "balancing perspective" to Moore's views.

Moore said the "balance" argument was a smokescreen, because he offered to help the university find a conservative.


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