Friday, September 17, 2004

The Salt Lake Tribune : Campus buzz builds over Moore booking

By Derek P. Jensen
The Salt Lake Tribune

Michael Moore
Protesters, grab your placards. And Democrats - wherever you are - gas up the Subaru.
Despite the semi-controlled chaos at Utah Valley State College - student leaders have been flooded with cries to cancel the planned appearance - outspoken filmmaker Michael Moore is indeed coming to the Orem campus next month.
Beneath the chatter Wednesday, UVSC's attorney reviewed the contract, McKay Events Center staff talked tickets and the school president even issued a statement of support - sort of.
"As a former Republican senator, I can assure you that Mr. Moore is certainly not my choice for a speaker," UVSC President William Sederburg wrote. "However, the use of student fees
is under the control of student government. . . . Part of the college experience is to hear different views of the world."
But don't expect only college students to show up Oct. 20 in the 8,000-seat arena named for a former LDS prophet.
"People who have never driven to UVSC in their lives and don't even know what it is may be coming," said David Keller, a philosophy professor at the Orem college. "There is a feeling of electricity in the air unlike anything I've experienced in the eight years I've been here."

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