Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Philadelphia Inquirer : Filmmaker Moore gives Kerry advice at Tweeter

Michael Moore, the provocateur in a feed cap, opened up his barnstorming pre-election lecture tour of college audiences at Rutgers University-Camden last night with words of advice for John Kerry:

Keep it simple.

With 40 percent of Americans unable to read at or above a fourth-grade level, the nuanced Democratic presidential candidate will need to offer easy-to-understand bullet points to beat President Bush in the forthcoming debates, said Moore, 50.

"Mr. Bush, where's Osama?" was the first line Moore offered. "You said you were going to smoke him out of his hole, hunt him down, and kill him."

Moore offered slogans, too: "George W. Bush. The ATM machine for the rich."

And, "He's not a Republican. He's a radical."

About 6,300 tickets were sold or given away for Moore's first stop in a 30- to 40-college circuit he is making to end the Bush administration.

Judging from the hands raised at one point, about six members of the crowd were conservatives or Bush supporters. The rest formed a raucous choir that Moore preached to, slouching over a lectern and rarely referring to notes he'd prepared.

"He's for the little guy, and that's the attraction for me," said Priscilla Woodward, 62, a postal worker from Bellmawr who attended the lecture at the Tweeter Center with her son, a middle-school teacher, and her sister, a minister.

"He's making the word liberal OK again," added her son, Jon Woodward, 38.

Moore walked onstage carrying a prop, a large-print book titled My Pet Goat, and read aloud the story that Bush read to elementary-school students for seven minutes after he learned of the second plane hitting the World Trade Center on Sept. 11.

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