Saturday, September 11, 2004

PetitionOnline : Bring Fahrenheit 9/11 to T.V. BEFORE the election

To: Columbia Tristar Home Video and U.S. T.V. Networks

Fahrenheit 911 is a movie that all voters should see. We ask that you seriously consider bringing the film to television for a one time airing this fall, BEFORE the election.

Many registered voters have yet to see some of the views that Fahrenheit 911 brings into light. Whether you're a Bush, Kerry, or Nader supporter, we feel it's important for as many people to see this movie as possible.

It should as be noted that the film itself rallies UNREGISTERED voters to make a difference and get out and vote. It is our opinion that anything with the power to get more Americans to vote.....Vote EITHER way..... Is something that needs to be done.

Michael Moore has already graciously given up his chance at the Best Documentary Oscar this year in the hopes that his film will have the opportunity to been see by millions more Americans on T.V. before the election.

We now ask you to take the next step.

Make it happen. Make history.


The Undersigned

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