Monday, September 27, 2004 : Moore Fires Up Crowd in Elk Rapids

By Brian McGillivary / Traverse City Record-Eagle

ELK RAPIDS - Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore kicked off his 60-city "Slacker Uprising Tour" by trying to convince area Democrats they are actually in the majority.

"Today this is an appeal to what we believe is a Democratic majority in Northern Michigan," Moore said. "Because it's just been said so many times that this is a Republican area people believe it is true. I don't believe it is true."

Moore will be taking his show to college towns in 20 swing states in an attempt to energize non-voters, register young adults, and defeat President George W. Bush in November.

Sunday night's crowd of 500 supporters didn't want him to leave after more than two hours in the hot and sticky Peterson Auditorium.

Moore said public opinion is already against Bush and all that's left is to get the vote out.

"Fifty percent of the country doesn't vote, and a lot of them are slackers like me, so I said I'm going to go out and just talk to them for the next five weeks," he said.

"I'm hoping if we can convince just 10 percent of the nonvoters to vote this time around we can get that (turnout) up to 55 or 56 percent, we'll set a modern day record," Moore said.

A resident of Antrim County, he spent a significant amount of time on local issues and chastising Democrats for their invisibility.

When he went to vote in the primary there were no Democratic candidates for township offices and just one Republican candidate for each slot.

"I thought this is good, because I never got to visit the Soviet Union where there is only one party," he said.

"I don't want to see that again up here or I'm moving back to Flint," he shouted at the crowd. "If someone here doesn't put their name down I'll put down my own ... ."

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