Sunday, September 19, 2004

Homeowners Associations : MICHAEL MOORE Where are you? America Wake Up To What George W. Bush, and Gray Davis have done to us.

By Sharon Stephens

Cathedral City, California

This is The Plan, by BIG GOVERNMENT and BIG BUSINESS to bring America into captivity through the creation of small Interment Camps of the New World Order.

The Plan is called Homeowner Associations, (HOAs) or, "gated communities." And, most recently, "Districts."

Literally, because they are "privatized governments" (unconstitutional right there!), and, they have the ability to take away the civil and constitutional rights of people with no legal repercussions to the attorneys, boards and management companies, situations such as non-judicial foreclosure on a $300,000 home for as little as $120. in a missed assessment payment are taking place everywhere. [The home is auctioned off to a straw buyer for the price of the assessment and attorney fees.] Thousands are losing everything they own, and are becoming homeless and penniless. Of course it is the elderly, disabled, and the poor who are the victims of this.

I have been battered three times, fined, have a $20,000 lien for which I really have no explanation, fined, and selectively discriminated against and just found out about the Unruh Act, which I hope will give me some proctection so that I do not lose everything I have worked so hard for, and become homeless. I am disabled, 64 years old, and live on about $810. a month - which leaves me no money for attorneys. I am a prime target for these crooks in my position -- and, I am not alone. There are thousands like me.

Take a look at [American Homeowners Resource Center] -- and see for yourself how this injustice is happening; this is now going on all across the country. It began in Texas when George W. Bush was governor, and in California when Gray Davis was Governor. It has moved to almost every state in the Union.

Imagine, a "gated community" -- and all it would take is a small group of militia, outside, with guns, and no one comes or goes through that gate without permission. Sorta like the Warsaw Ghetto.

Neighborhoods that are not currently gated are being turned into "Districts" that can be gated in the future. I have heard the year 2007 is a goal year.

We are like the proverbial frog in the pot of slowly boiling water, unaware because of ever mounting apathy, we are dying a slow death of ethics, morals and an unbelievable unwillingness to love our neighbors and get involved.

HOAs are the "New Internment Camps of the New World Order," and helping to bring America into a long prophesied captivity.

"Woe unto them that join house to house, [adhesion contracts] lay field to field, till [there be] no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!" Isaiah 5:8

How about a documentary on this condition in America?



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