Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Guardian : Miramax funds Fahrenheit follow-up

After the huge controversy (and the equally huge profits) entailed in distributing Fahrenheit 9/11, Miramax is reported to have agreed to finance and distribute Michael Moore's follow-up - a caustic study of the US healthcare system, provisionally titled Sicko.

Moore is expected to begin work on the film some time next year, Variety magazine reports.

Yet although Miramax heads Harvey and Bob Weinstein are committed to Moore's next project, the involvement of parent company Disney is less certain.

The two outfits famously clashed over Fahrenheit 9/11, with the Weinsteins eventually releasing the film outside the Disney umbrella.

While Sicko may not be quite as incendiary as its predecessor, Disney CEO Michael Eisner - due to step down in 2006 - is apparently far from enthusiastic about becoming involved with the project.

Having made over $120m (£67m) during its American theatrical release, Fahrenheit 9/11 is to be released on DVD by Miramax in October - just in time for the following month's presidential election.


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