Thursday, September 23, 2004

Daily Kos : Michael Moore Speaks to Syracuse Crowd of 10,000

by Iddybud
Thu Sep 23rd, 2004 at 17:42:03 GMT

It was a big night for fans of Michael Moore in Syracuse last night. Moore spoke to a sold-out crowd of 10,000 at the Carrier Dome. Two large video screens flashed a video of John Ashcroft singing "Let the Eagle Soar" and Michael Moore appeared in jeans, black T-shirt, and a red baseball cap with an American flag on the front.

He seemed genuinely touched by the size of the crowd and mentioned he'd received at least 1000 e-mails from fans who weren't able to get tickets because of the sell-out.


Mr. Moore said it had been a rough few weeks for Kerry supporters, but supporters of Kerry need to stop "whining and complaining" and have faith that their fellow Americans will do the right thing this November 2nd. He cajoled and teased those who've been wringing their hands over the upcoming election. He said Republicans don't waste a minute of their time worrying. In his words: "You don't hear Republicans whining `Wah! Why did Dan Rather do that?' you?" He marveled that Republicans are on a mission and they're up at the crack of dawn figuring what minority group they can prevent from getting married on that particular day. They work extremely hard because they know they are the minority and they only have two months left in power.

Moore said the only way Republicans will pull off a win in November is if the rest of us stay in bed. Bush supporters realize that America has shifted and that we're a liberal society. We're already "there", and the anger we hear in the voices of talk-radio is present because they know the game's over.

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Mr. Moore suggested that the audience should stop fretting over polls. In his words,, the polls are "full of crap". When we see polls of "likely voters", it's important to remember there are no "likely voters" after 9/11. Moore asked the audience if any of them had taken part in a poll or had received any poll-related calls. You could have heard a pin drop. Moore reminded them that cell phones are never called in these polls and cell phones are so prevalent in use today that, even if we see Kerry moving out ahead in future polls, no one should get excited. Polls simply are not reliable indicators of the democratic turn-out on election day. Moore told the audience to ignore the polls and turn off their television sets except for Jon Stewart's Daily Show.

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