Tuesday, September 21, 2004

California State University at San Marcos : Professors Urge University To Let Moore Speak

Group Calls On School President To Reverse Decision

POSTED: 8:51 am PDT September 21, 2004
UPDATED: 8:54 am PDT September 21, 2004

SAN DIEGO -- A group of professors is urging the president of California State University at San Marcos to allow controversial filmmaker Michael Moore to speak on campus before the November presidential election, according to a published report.

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Michael Moore
A group of about 80 campus employees, mostly professors, called the decision to postpone Moore's visit until after the Nov. 2 election "an arbitrary use of executive privilege to silence a controversial speaker," according to the North County Times. The group sent a letter to President Karen S. Haynes requesting her to back the student government's vote to host Moore's visit on Oct. 13, the Times reported.

"Michael Moore is an important artist and public intellectual who raises central social and political questions for our time," the letter said. "Our university must support those, like Moore, who open discussion about whether our fundamental values -- justice, reason, equality and democracy -- remain active forces in our community."

Student government representatives voted 12-3 on Sept. 10 to contribute $6,500 toward the estimated $37,000 cost of Moore's visit. The rest was to come from university funds.
Haynes rejected the visit, saying there was too little time before the presidential election to provide a "balancing perspective" to the campus. Haynes later said that Moore is a partisan political figure and state law prohibits using public money for partisan activity.

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