Saturday, September 11, 2004

BBC Films : Michael Moore answers more of your questions

How do you view the UK, as a nation that follows the US's lead in pretty much whatever they decide? Richard Miller

I want you to stop it, I want you to go back to being yourselves. We were hoping, those of us against the war, that you would oppose the war. This doesn't help our cause any when Blair backs Bush on this, it's very difficult for the rest of us in America who are trying to stop this. C'mon, you're called Great Britain, right? You're the United Kingdom, you know. Start acting like it, instead of the dinky little island that you're pretending to be.

What is it, actually, that you do for the "common man"? You make your movies and you write your books and you make your appearances and you line your pockets with the hard-earned bread of the people who buy and attend. But what are you doing? Do you provide any funds for educational programs? Do you send any of that money to homeless shelters or free clinics? Or do you keep all the profits to yourself so that you can become just another fat, jowly middle-aged white guy with scads of cash - just like the Stupid White Men you so loudly revile? Thomas K Arnold

Well, Thomas, I'll assume first of all from your question that you're not from the working class. Ha, ha! Usually I find the only people upset that I've actually made any money are the people who've already got money. It's like, "Wait a minute! One of these working class guys has got money, they're dangerous when you give them money, because they actually do something with it." Depending on the year, I give up to a third of my income away to various causes that I support. I have a foundation I've set up to do this. I've given money to over five dozen independent filmmakers over the years to make their first films. My wife and I support the soup kitchen in Flint, the Better Women centre... A lot of the things that we do to help our home town, a lot of the money we make goes there. It's highly ironic that I've done well... so called, you know, "well", with my work because I never set out to make any money because I've never cared about making any money. The year before Roger & Me, my income tax form showed me making $8,800 for that year, so I lived the first 17 years of my adult life making maybe $10-15,000 a year, that's it. And had a very happy life, I enjoyed that life. So giving somebody like me - who's content to live on very little money - money means that I'm going to hopefully do a lot of good with that money: make the next project, get the next person elected, help out the person who is being harmed by the system, and that's what I do.

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