Monday, September 27, 2004

The Arbiter : Barrymore is not Michael Moore

By Aubrey Salazar
September 27, 2004

Political documentary mania has finally taken hold. Last week MTV aired “The Best Place To Start” a 44-minute film by Drew Barrymore that seeks to answer the question of why young people do not vote, a question that could have best been answered in about five minutes by a random young crowd at Suds on a Friday night.

The movie was more of a political awakening for Barrymore than for myself or probably anyone of voting age who has completed a course in American Government and is remotely familiar with politics.

During the film, Barrymore interviews a mush mash of political insiders including Gen. Wesley Clark, James Carville, Jon Stewart, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and even her own Representative, Henry Waxman. The stark and moving question asked by Barrymore was, “Why do you think young people don’t vote?” Barrymore, a self-described high school dropout and political dunce, reduced their answers into a collage of apathy towards American youth and our issues. Frustrated with what she took as stonewalling young voters, she decided to stomp out of Washington in her “UGG” boots, and her deliberately un-Hollywood look in search of the answers.

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