Monday, September 13, 2004

AFP : Bush whacked in lingerie video

As if Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 wasn't enough, Republicans now get steamed up by a four-minute video of a ruthless dominatrix whipping US President George W Bush in the Oval Office.

For its 10th anniversary, up market London corset and lingerie boutique, Agent Provocateur, has now put a clip on its website showing Bush, or rather an actor who looks like him, excitedly awaiting an after-lunch visit from his dome.

In she struts on killer black stilettos, tying up the leader of the free world by the wrists, then twisting his nipple with a plumber's wrench before performing a striptease and whipping him on his boyish white briefs.

The kinky scene reaches its climax, when another man crawls into the room like a dog, dressed head to toe in black latex.

Off comes his hood, and it's a goofy-grinning lookalike of British Prime Minister Tony Blair. "It's tongue and cheek," said Dee Modha, a spokeswoman for the store. "It's just meant to be seen as a bit of frivolous fun, really."


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