Friday, August 13, 2004

Tribune : Moore plays cheap shots

Editor, Index-Tribune:

With "Fahrenheit 9/11," Michael Moore has done an admirable job of once more exposing the lies and deception of the Bush administration. It also shows the true faces of war and the suffering that goes with it. It is difficult not to come from seeing this movie without being very angry or with a deep sadness which makes one cry.

However, I think to personally attack Bush and other members of the cabinet by making them look silly in a series of shots, which seemed to go on forever, was demeaning, not necessary and counterproductive. In my opinion, those were cheap shots.

In the movie, one of the soldiers interviewed says, "If you kill somebody, you kill a part of yourself." How true! I would like to add: If you demean somebody, you demean a part of yourself. That, unfortunately, is what Michael Moore has done.

Reiner Keller


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