Sunday, August 15, 2004

Sunday Herald : The Fuel For Fahrenheit 9/11

Thanks to the First Amendment of the United States constitution, some robust laws that defend writers against libel and principles that enshrine freedom of expression and an open system of government, respected American journalist Craig Unger has been able to write an explosive book about President George Bush and his links to the Saudi royal family.

It’s called House Of Bush House Of Saud and in it Unger details the connections between a leading member of the Saudi royal family and the fundamentalist terrorist groups determined to destroy the US. It was this book that formed the backbone of Michael Moore’s much-hyped documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.

The Jeddah-based Saudi billionaire, Khalid bin Mahfouz, has been publicly linked to funding received by Osama bin Laden in America before but the new dimension to House Of Bush House Of Saud is that Unger also peels away the business links between the Texas oil circle of the Bush family and the families of Bin Mahfouz and other rich Saudis.

In Britain, where Saudis prefer to take their libel actions to court, Unger has had to be more circumspect than in his homeland. His first publisher, Random House, refused to take the risk with the book and Amazon, the internet bookseller, declined to sell it online from its UK website. There have been forced amendments too, taken on with some fanfare by Gibson Square Publishing. But the book, he assures me, is 95% there. And it is there in astonishing and explosive detail.

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